No Problems: How To Avoid Storage And Removal Woes

What Removalists Probably Wish You Knew to Make Their Jobs Easier

Hiring a good removalist company can mean ensuring your household goods arrive safely at your new home and can mean making your move quicker and easier overall. A removalist company will usually inform you of some things that are needed to support their work, such as making sure boxes are closed with actual packing tape […]

DIY Furniture Removal Tips You Should Try Out

Handling heavy furniture items is often one of the most difficult jobs to do when you are moving house as a do-it-yourself enthusiast. A shoddily done job can damage your furniture, cause severe injuries, and can leave the house you are moving from needing repairs. Here are a couple of expert tips you can follow […]

How to Pack Fragile Items Like a Pro

When you start packing your belongings, you might find it easy to pack clothing, linens, books, and knick-knacks, but it is something else when you reach the fragile items. No matter how you are moving, whether in your own pickup truck or hiring movers, you need to make sure these items are packed properly and […]

Tips For Moving House When You Have Reduced Mobility

Relocating your home is stressful and tiring enough when you are completely mobile, but when you have a disability, it can be even more frustrating. Whether you have arthritis, have just had surgery or an injury, or are in a wheelchair, the following tips will help you pack and move with ease. Keep Your Moving […]

What add-ons to look out for in shipping storage containers

The sky is always the limit as far as choosing suitable add-ons or features you want for your storage shipping container. The needs of every industry are diverse. For retail businesses, double entry doors are popular given that they allow for easy access to the inventory. In the construction industry, the ground level storage/office unit […]

Wood Furniture Removal: Simple Guidelines on Moving and Storage

Wooden furniture in your home is vulnerable to damage due to poor handling and exposure to adverse environments. Therefore, you should give these types of items special consideration if you are planning on moving to a new home or have decided to place some valuables in storage. For the best results, consider hiring professional furniture […]

Moving Home: Simple Removalist Tips on Preparing Your Furniture

When moving from your current house to a new location, you must perform numerous packing tasks to ensure that your items are transported safely. One of the most problematic household goods to handle during this period is the furniture. This category consists of pieces that are often bulky, and consequently, difficult to pack and handle. […]

How to Safely Move in Hot Weather

If you are planning on moving house during the spring or summer, you need to be prepared for hot weather. This can make what might have been a simple move a lot more uncomfortable and miserable. Here are some tips to follow when you need to move on a hot day. Choose the Moving Time […]

Store It or Throw It? Questions to Help You Decide What to Do With Your Stuff Before an Extended Holiday

You’re leaving the country for an extended holiday, and you need to decide what to do with your stuff. The main decision facing you is whether you should put it in storage or get rid of it. Work through these questions to help you decide: Do you have sentimental possessions that you can’t imagine living […]

Self-Storage Tips for Ensuring Your Items Are Always Secure

Self-storage units are a great way to open up space in your home indefinitely, or you might use one when you’ve downsized to a smaller house after the kids have moved out. Whatever your reason for using a self-storage unit, you want to ensure your belongings are always secure and safe from damage, mildew, and […]